The refinishing process lets you keep and prolong the life of your floor by restoring the layers that are protecting the wood.


The refinishing process lets you keep and prolong the life of your floor by restoring the layers that are protecting the wood, while at the same time showing that special look it had when it was still new.

According to the type of floor your house has, it needs to be considered that your floor should be recoated every few years to avoid water damage, cracks, and other issues that time brings.

This practice makes your floor look brand new again and shiny. To restore your floors and solve its fading, discoloration, the stains and scratches, and any other signs that need to be taken care of, refinishing is the best alternative to choose.

The condition of your flooring has a big impact on the overall look of the room they’re in. Refinishing will help restore your home appearance to its original beauty and glory!

Everyday life can wear down the finish with spills, shifting furniture, drops… But the good news is that the damage isn’t usually permanent! Floors can be refinished and recover its natural grace.

To get your floor refinished, you must pick a team of qualified professionals to assist you. Don’t worry, that is why we’re here for! Call us and an expert will take care of your current floors so you can finally enjoy them as you deserve!

Floor Finished

There are 3 levels of hardwood floor finish sheens: satin, semi-gloss and high gloss, in an order from least shiny to most shiny.

One of the most important details when choosing a hardwood floor is the sheen. The sheen on the floor is the gloss or luster level. Sheen is described as the factor that determines how much light a hardwood floor reflects.

You need to be familiar with how well your floor absorbs and scatters light. You also need to be aware that the shinier your floors are, the more dirt and blemishes they will show. Hardwood floors come in three gloss finish levels, and knowing these is key to choosing the right one for your home.

Satin floor finish

This hardwood floor finish is the most popular one. This sheen has about 40% luster and is easy to keep clean. This sheen diffuses light without showing any imperfections or dirt. People who want their floors to have a classic or formal feel without the hassle of maintenance choose satin or semi-gloss hardwood floors. Another aspect of this level is that the satin floor finish tends to look newer for more time than other higher-gloss floors.

Semi-gloss floor finish

Semi-gloss hardwood floors require more maintenance. While they are beautiful, you will also see more imperfections on semi-gloss floors compared to satin floors. This hardwood floor has a sheen level of approximately 55% luster. Semi-gloss floor finishes are a good choice if you want your floors to look more polished, and it’s not as impractical as the glossy finish of wood floors.

High Gloss hardwood floors

You don’t see this level of hardwood floor sheen in a lot of homes, since hardwood floors with a glossy finish are commonly used for gym floors and bowling alleys. It has about 70% luster. These floors need to be frequently cleaned and will show every blemish and dirt due to the amount of light reflecting off the floor. So, if you don’t want to see every footprint and want to clean them every day, stay away from this wood floor gloss finish, especially if you have a busy home.