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Engineered Flooring

A long-lasting solution that uses a combination of layers, to not only provide the appeal of a hardwood floor, but also a longer durability. Once installed, it is difficult to set apart from solid wood flooring, due to its thickness and wide range of species, styles, colors and finishes. It adjusts to every season, providing better resistance and stability to temperature and moisture variations. This less costly investment adds a natural appeal to your home, being also easy to clean and with high performance qualities.

Hardwood Flooring

Great for high traffic areas and limited moisture environments. This flooring will enhance the look of your house, making a great first impression with a steady appearance of colors that don’t fade. Its maintenance is very effortless, being stain resistant and easy to clean. If your goal is to upgrade to solid wood floors that are strong and durable, this is the perfect choice for you! This is, without a doubt, the best option for a long-lasting look that will improve the value of your home.

Laminate Flooring

An affordable option that looks as good as hardwood floor without the big investment. This highly durable alternative is a hygienic and easy cleanable surface, with a natural looking appearance that will keep your guests wondering if it is actually wood or not. It is also scratch and water resistant, correctly dealing with the pressure that a day-to-day life brings. We have several patterns and colors available for you to choose so we can create that amazing look you want!

Luxury Vinyl

This vinyl plank flooring is a waterproof selection that you can benefit from, with its 100% moisture resistance, providing water resistance, a long lifespan and durability. An ample variety that goes from stone, marble, concrete and decorative tile, offers you different types of designs to match your needs. The extra add-on of taking many appearances with patterns, colors and textures is one of its biggest appeals, giving realistic visuals to your floor. It is also easy to clean and extremely durable, maintaining its luster for years.

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